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By S.N. Antontsev, J.I. Diaz, S. Shmarev

For the prior numerous a long time, the examine of unfastened boundary difficulties has been a truly energetic topic of study taking place in quite a few technologies. What those difficulties have in universal is their formula by way of certainly posed preliminary and boundary price difficulties for nonlinear partial differential equations. Such difficulties come up, for instance, within the mathematical therapy of the strategies of warmth conduction, filtration via porous media, flows of non-Newtonian fluids, boundary layers, chemical reactions, semiconductors, and so forth. The turning out to be curiosity in those difficulties is mirrored through the sequence of conferences held below the identify "Free Boundary difficulties: idea and purposes" (Ox­ ford 1974, Pavia 1979, Durham 1978, Montecatini 1981, Maubuisson 1984, Irsee 1987, Montreal 1990, Toledo 1993, Zakopane 1995, Crete 1997, Chiba 1999). From the lawsuits of those conferences, we will find out about the various sorts of mathematical components that fall in the scope of unfastened boundary difficulties. it's worthy declaring that the ecu technological know-how origin supported an unlimited learn undertaking on unfastened boundary difficulties from 1993 until eventually 1999. the hot construction of the really good magazine Interfaces and loose obstacles: Modeling, research and Computation supplies us an idea of the power of the topic and its current nation of improvement. This ebook is as a result of the collaboration one of the authors over the past 15 years.

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S qVulltp(c) . :s 0, o whence the desired assertion. 5 Systems of second-order elliptic equations In this section we apply energy methods to the study of localization properties of solutions to systems of second-order elliptic equations. 1) inanopendomainQ C IR N ,N::: 1. Hereu(x) = (Ul, ... , um),m > 1,isavectorvalued function. The coefficients C(x, r), B(x, r, q) are also given vector-valued functions defined on Q x IRm and Q x IRm x IRNm correspondingly. Throughout the section A denotes the diffusion matrix with the elements A(x, r, q) = Af(x, r, q), k = 1, ...

To avoid the technical details we start by considering the case B =0. 1. 1) with B == 0, and f == 0 on Bpo(xo), 0 < Po < dist(xo, aQ). 9) are fulfilled. 10) where exponents v and y and a constant G depend on E(po). The constants v and y increase when E (po) increases. If C3 > 0, the same conclusion is true under a suitable assumption on C3. 1, for the cutting function in the ball Bp(xo). 11) uA(x, u, Vu) . V1/Indx. 13) C3, 1 - C3/C2) > O. 2a), we N ::; + b) " (E,)(Pi-I)/Pi C 1 '~; N II U II Ui(Sp)::; M 1 '~; " (E')(Pi-I)/Pi II U II LPi(Sp) ;=1 ;=1 with MI To estimate III :s C M, = CI max (1, mfxP6f3-Pj)(N-I)/{3Pi), f3 = mfxp;.

Localized Solutions of Nonlinear Stationary Problems or II f IIm(I+a)(l-y)/a L n(l+t1)/(n(l+t1)-l)(Bp ) < _ (l-y)/y [0 (p - PI)+ Then there exist positive constants [*, E*, C* such that [(po, f) ::::: then u(x) for P E (0, po). if h, == 0 in BpI (xo). 1 gives the inequality {A(x, u, Vu) . Vu { JB + Q(x)luI I+a - fU} dx p ::::: - { A(x, u, Vu)u . ndx Js for P E (0, po). 9) where A = pm/(pm - p inequality that + 1), and [0 > O. It follows from the interpolation-trace 27 The weighted diffusion/absorption balance where () = 8 Npm =- + (1 k nmp(l N)n(1 + a) k + a)(pm - p + 1) ' , k = N(pm -n(I +a) + pnm(1 +a)).

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