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By Aulis Aarnio

This ebook is a precis of the author’s forty years of study within the fields of civil legislations and the philosophy of legislations. the main target is at the major projects within the doctrinal examine of legislations: the translation and systematisation of felony norms. during this regard, Professor Aarnio offers with the idea of argumentation in addition to with its foundations - i.e., with the ontology, epistemology and method of felony pondering - and develops the guidelines that have been first awarded in The Rational as Reasonable (Kluwer 1987) in all of those dimensions. The paintings comprises an up to date dialogue at the writings of Robert Alexy, Jûrgen Habermas, Ronald Dworkin and Alf Ross. a focus of view matters the excellence among positivism and non-positivism, within which the center of the feedback specializes in Scandinavian realism.

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From this it follows that the games precede rules in a conceptual sense. The Hintikkas summarise the issue as follows: “In later Wittgenstein, language-games are truly the measure of all things” (HIntikka 1976, 196). The fact that the language-game precedes the rules makes one understand why Wittgenstein emphasised that playing a language-game does not mean the same as following rules blindly. The player does not simply follow a rule as if the rule were a “recipe” or a formula articulated in advance.

The only way to approach it is to argue on grounds similar to sentence P1, which tells us something about A’s “behaviour in pain”, but both P1 and P2 are parts of a secondary language and can thus be remedied, whereas A’s actual feeling of pain is beyond error, repair and verification. If we move the focus and look at Axel Hägerström’s value-nihilism, its core content is clear. For Hägerström, value-judgements are expressions of feelings, similar to an experience of an apple being sour. These feelings belong to the primary language that does not submit to argumentation.

Some of the main features of the Wittgenstein philosophy of language will be dealt with in this study. There is a huge amount of literature on this topic. My idea is not to debate with different authors, and least of all to say what Wittgenstein really thought. In recent philosophy there have been a lot of attempts to do that. The following presentation concentrates on such characteristics as seem to be useful for the theory of DSL. In this regard, the analysis introduced by Jaakko (and Merrill) Hintikka has been of great importance in the development of my thinking for many years.

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