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Richard smiled softly, savouring the attention he could command. He was famous. He was sparkly. He was Dusk, the prettiest vampire in the world. "What... " He paused, thinking. " Nobody could answer, but he knew they could all hear it. It sounded like a million yapping puppies. "It is... causing me... angst," Richard said. " He thought for a long moment. " "We'll call the dog catchers at once," the director said, a portly man with a beard and baseball cap. He waddled to the phone, a camera over his shoulder.

The last thing Hitler saw was the puppies killing his officers, breaking down the bunker doors, and spilling into the hallways. Then puppies jumped onto his face, and he felt them pull out his eyeballs. He had thought Stalin was tough. The man, he realized as the puppies tore out his neck, was only a kitten. Las Vegas Elvis sat watching television, a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken on his lap, when the portal opened beside him. "God darn it," he said. " This time portal seemed to flow from 1940s Germany; Elvis caught sight of a bunch of dead Nazis.

He tried to raise the baseball bat, but could not. The puppies had bitten off his arm. " he said, but it did no good. No. These puppies were done obeying. Rob opened his mouth to scream again, and the puppies began shoving dog food down his throat. He saw that they carried a bag of the stuff. It tasted awful. "Look, I’m sorry we fed you this crap, but--" He could say no more. The dog food filled his mouth, muffling him. Once he had eaten near to bursting, the puppies ripped into his belly, wagging their tails as the dog food spilled out.

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