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By Walter A. Jr. Fairservis

New york 1956 Anthropological Papers of yankee Museum of normal background. Vol forty five half 2. 4to., pp. 169-402, 26 photograph illustrations, wraps. proprietor signed. sturdy plus, disguise erratically light.

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Alexander Khyber N. W. Province Kadphises I ca. D. Khyber N. W. Province and Punjab Epthalites ca. D. Khyber, Kurram N. India Mahmud of Ghazni ca. D. Khyber N. D. Timur-i-lang Khyber N. D. D. N. India Nadir Shah Even in an attack on Sind, it was apparently that the Ghilzai nomads now make their principal seasonal migration via the Gomel Pass and preferable to march down the Indus River somewhat less frequently across the Kurram, Valley than to negotiate the Baluchistan passes. , was begun via the Kurram Valley, a minor part in these migrations.

F. 1570), 100 yards long by 55 yards wide by 10 meters high. The site had been cut into by a trench about 12 feet to the northwest of its highest point. Q37: Though properly in the Sarawan District, the site of Panjpai, located about midway between Quetta City and Nushki, is included in the group of Quetta District sites. First reported by Beatrice de Cardi,4 this mound was located against the hills on the eastern side of the Panjpai Valley, but south of Panjpai. It was oval in shape, about 150 yards long and about 15 meters high.

There were indications of walls and floors within the Damb Sadaat III phase of Cuts 1 and 2, but the decay, erosion, and wear of the mud brick were so extensive this close to the surface of the mound that structures proved untraceable. However, it was interesting to note that the upper levels of walls associated with rooms of the Damb Sadaat II phase often projected into the Damb Sadaat III horizons changeably. 1. Walls were set on stone foundations of which there are two types. The first consisted of boulders, rarely more than a single tier, which may have been as high as 30 cm.

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