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By Kathryn Lasky

Guided through the Knower, Otulissa has studied lengthy within the libraries of the Others; she has probed the traditional lore of the unusual and robust dire wolves of the past. And on the nice Ga'Hoole tree itself she has exposed mystery histories of Guardians she inspiration she knew good! awareness pricey Reader! nice mysteries should be published to the attuned brain in those final misplaced stories of the good Tree! Otulissa embarks on a trip to revitalize educational power and historic curiosity on the nice Tree. misplaced stories of Ga'Hoole is the results of her hard work. to find and compiling those stories formerly misplaced to the annals of Ga'Hoolian historical past, she composes her magnum opus. Otulissa tells the never-before-known stories of teen and invented characters on the earth of Ga'Hoole. They comprise new information regarding the owls, dire wolves, and different creatures of Ga'Hoole, yet continuously refer again to the area and overarching storyline that readers of the sequence have come to like. misplaced stories of Ga'Hoole also will function a final hurrah for the series-a loving and elegiac glance again.

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Uglamore thought back to that night in the Shadow Forest where he saw Nyroc sleeping with a crown of light upon his head, and it all made sense. Coryn. His name is Coryn now. And just like that, the young owl had done something that the old owl was never able to do—he had chosen his own name. Remarkable. And you’ve chosen your own destiny, young’un. Perhaps I can still choose mine. Suddenly, howls and cheers from creatures of air and land filled Uglamore‟s ear slits. “The new king lives! ” He had done it!

Saul thought he had heard a ruckus outside earlier, and wondered what was going on. But he decided he would stay in his burrow today because he didn‟t want to miss the hatching of his first chick. ” Trixie jumped up from her nest. ” she exclaimed. She and Saul leaned in to take a closer look at the eggs. They were concentrating so hard on them that they didn‟t notice when a big gray face poked into their burrow. “Saul! Trixie! It‟s me, Cletus. ” Cletus asked with desperation in his voice. The two Burrowing Owls almost jumped out of their feathers.

From where they stood, the brothers could see the stands of tall trees in the Forest Kingdom of Ambala in the distance. They had run away from Ambala all those years ago in part to get away from the Pure Ones. Now, here they were, once again homeless because of the Pure Ones. But there was one big difference. This time they were saviors. This time they had not let themselves or others be bullied by the Pure Ones. They prevented other owlets from being orphaned, as they had been. And they kept families together.

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