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By Morton COHEN

Biography of H. Rider Haggard, with an in-depth examine his writing, Royal fee to the Dominions, and his examine of work difficulties within the U.S.

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Rider Haggard: His life and work

Biography of H. Rider Haggard, with an in-depth examine his writing, Royal fee to the Dominions, and his learn of work difficulties within the U. S.

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On the one hand there was talk of civil war, and on the other, border skirmishes seemed to augur an all-out Zulu AFRICA AND MARRIAGE 37 attack. These were the rumblings that had reached Carnarvon's ears in Whitehall, and these were the problems that faced Shepstone as he marched into quiet, bucolic Pretoria. Carnarvon's old principle that one could not sit by when his neighbour's house was on fire still rang true; no one could argue with it, and certainly not the destitute, bewildered Dutch in Pretoria.

Because of the climate, they rose early, and they were usually well under way when the sun came over the mountain-tops. The beautiful vistas that lay on both sides of these little-travelled ways compensated for the poor condition of the roads, and the exciting atmosphere of the hunt prevailed and delighted them· both. Unexpected incidents were sure to crop up on these circuit jaunts. One day on this first trek, the men stopped to shoot an unusual white bird that looked like an egret. Kotze's attempt to conceal himself, however, worked out too well, for he suddenly found that he was sinking into quicksand.

Against this backdrop of festivity, Shepstone and his staff discussed the state of affairs with the Boer leaders, and by the middle of March they seemed to have worked out solutions to most of the problems. That the Transvaal would be annexed was by now common knowledge. 'When the [Annexation] Proclamation will go I cannot say, but I think it will be in the cour~e of the next fortnight,' Haggard wrote home on March 1 3. The same letter reflects the calm that seemed to settle over the Transvaal: 'Matters have been rapidly advancing and drawing to a close.

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