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By G. R. Mannering

A dismal rendition of the vintage fairy story attractiveness and the Beast!

She bears no identify. Her silvery visual appeal is freakish to the varied population of Sago, the cosmopolitan capital of Pevorocco in a fable realm. together with her mom vanishing on the example of her beginning, she is shipped to reside with the harsh, wealthy Ma Dane, the place she is punished day-by-day for whatever, notwithstanding she is aware now not what. Tauntingly named attractiveness, she flees Sago in a violent rebellion that units out to bloodbath all Magics and trips to the furthest aspect of the country.

But good looks can't disguise within the grassy Hillands ceaselessly. ahead of lengthy, the country officers locate her and threaten to take her again to war-torn Sago the place demise absolutely awaits. In a hour of darkness snow fall she escapes them, working right into a deep, enchanted wooded area to an outstanding and bad beast who will discount for her life.

But can attractiveness settle for Beast? Eternity is decades.

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The Sacred Volcanoes formed a ring and no one knew precisely in which volcano of the ring the ember lay buried. Mostly, the ring itself was guarded by dire wolves that were all descendants of the MacDuncan clan, but a few exceptions were made. Wolves from other clans could petition to become guards. These guards of forty or more wolves were known as the Sacred Watch. And most interesting of all, each of these wolves had been born with some deformity—a missing ear, a missing paw, or perhaps one blind eye.

And that was exactly what she planned to do. Yes, Nyra had plans. Big plans. Now, having arrived in Silverveil, she was about to initiate the first stage of these plans. She knew that she could not keep up this ploy of being dead indefinitely. Quite the opposite. The first stage of her plan involved killing someone else. And the hammering from that someone‟s forge she could hear this very moment. Her intended victim was the Rogue smith of Silverveil. Stupid creature had refused way back when to make claws for Kludd—she deserved to die.

This had never happened before—bear, wolf, and owl feeding together—never in their lifetimes or in all the thousands of years that their kind had lived in Beyond the Beyond. And it all seemed the owl‟s doing. It made them nervous. It made them think of the old stories they had heard. It made them think of the Sacred Volcanoes to the west, still guarded by their clansmen. For that was where the Ember of Hoole, placed there so long ago by another strange owl, lay buried. CHAPTER FOURTEEN From a Distant Land Far away from Beyond the Beyond, across the Sea of Hoolemere, a Spotted Owl made her plans in utmost secrecy.

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