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By Barry J. Farber

Concise reference for the professional seasoned. full of checklists, motion plans and encouraging fees for each degree of the revenues method. Paper. DLC: promoting.

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Superstar Sales Secrets (State of the Art Selling)

Concise reference for the professional professional. choked with checklists, motion plans and encouraging fees for each level of the revenues procedure. Paper. DLC: promoting.

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Keep your customer's best interests in mind. In very rare casesif you know that you don't have the right product in your line, or if you know that someone else can make a faster deliveryyou might even recommend your competition. If you do that, you'll no longer be considered a salesperson by your customeryou'll be a consultant, a partner. That's integrity selling, and that's the first thing customers talk about when asked what they want in a vendor. The next time you recommend one of your products to this customer, he'll trust that your recommendation is in his best interest.

Choose your influences and your surroundings as you wish your life to be. You become what you think about. " John Homer Miller Positive Attitude Checklist 1. Enthusiasm. 2. Focus on the positive. 3. Develop professional pride. 4. Invest in your profession. 5. Invest in yourself. 6. Develop positive persistence. 7. Surround yourself with markers of success. 8. Learn from failure. Remember the Golden Rule. Treat others as you would like to be treated. It sounds simple, but it works. If you approach people in a warm and open manner, most respond in kind.

10. Follow-up. Page 19 11. Always be prospecting. 12. Never stop learning. 13. Learn from the top performers. 14. Build long-term customer relationships. 15. Use a low-pressure approach. 16. Differentiate yourself through superior service. 17. Start and end with a positive attitude. " Anonymous Motivation Checklist Turn fear and failure into a motivating force. Learn from your mistakes. Challenge yourself to do better next time. Use others' criticisms as a source of energy. If the criticism is constructive, learn what you can from it and move on.

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